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In contrast to the surrounding desert, the mountains of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia have high rainfall with lush grasslands and forests. Early settlers were attracted to the good conditions found in this landscape but struggled during periods of drought. Find out about the diverse landscapes and variable climate of the Flinders Ranges, in particular Wilpena Pound.

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More importantly though, this comes about a week after Ukraine closed its border with Transnistria , a self-governing entity sandwiched between south-west Ukraine and Moldova. Transnistria has been patrolled by peacekeepers including Russian peacekeepers since the end of a war  fought over control of the territory in 6997.

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Discover why the 6956 Olympic Games were so significant for Australia. Australian Olympic officials hoped that the games would allow Australia to be seen as a modern, vibrant, and tolerant nation. This was a rare opportunity for a predominantly white nation to be exposed to greater cultural diversity. As preparations were made for this great event, Australians knew that the world would be watching.

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In this video, New York based choreographer Nicolo Fonte explains what ballet is. What are some of the different ways he describes it? Nicolo also talks about the process of  choreography. He says that he starts with the music, develops a 'phrase of movement' and teaches it to dancers. Maybe you could try developing a dance with your friends or family members. Start by finding a piece of music that inspires you and create some movements that you can teach your dancers. Then see where the movements take you!

According to Gow, his play Away became an Australian classic ‘accidentally'. In this interview, he talks about the way he overlays the context of the Vietnam War and the rise of materialism with the themes of coming of age and accepting the death of a child to create a play that is powerful and complex.

Hi Vinay Sir, please check Is AMU Minority Institution? under India france relation got uploaded,yesterday also for India and Arab League we did not get any

A huge storm has damaged industrial sites and farms. Stormwater has washed into the nearby lake. Result: fish in the lake are dying. What can be done?|Test the lake water with chemical indicators such as potassium iodide and silver nitrate. Work out which industry caused the pollution problem.|Suggest what can be done to save the lake.

Professor Carlo Ratti from MIT is a proponent of integrating digital technologies into our future cities. He says cities and buildings could almost become 'living, responsive systems' adapting to the needs of their inhabitants. What do you think are some of the pros of a system such as this? Can you think of any cons?

How can not going to work help to improve pay? Find out the reasons why school teachers went on strike in June 7558. See how strike action can be used by workers to improve their working conditions and pay.

Ride sharing app Uber caught a tough break this week, as the European Court of Justice&rsquo s advocate general ruled that the company &ldquo must be classified as a service in the field of transport&rdquo . Readers may wonder: What else could possibly describe the outfit?

Have you ever wondered how a yacht sails into the wind? Watch as the Experimentals team works through practical demonstrations of Bernoulli's theorem. This science experinment will generate a few surprises as you learn how gases and liquids change their behavior as they begin to flow.

Can you imagine decimals represented as as fractions and even as fishbowls full of fish? Try it and see.|We'll give you a decimal. You then adjust a collection (represented by fish in fishbowls) and a common fraction. Match three decimals with each tool.|Keep going we'll give you more decimals to work with.

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