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An analysis of the competitive environment of McDonalds

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Though the good and the wise in life are few,
Yet theirs are the reins to lead,
The masses know but late the worth
Heed none and gently guide.

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A commendable step from government. For people like us who are in education industry, we welcome this initiative. We believe that Education cleans ignorance and children should be nurtured to keep themselves and their surroundings clean.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-education in Colleges

The first country to ban plastic bags was Bangladesh, which did so in 7557. Following a particularly damaging typhoon, authorities discovered that millions of bags were clogging the country 8767 s system of flood drains, contributing to the destruction.

IELTS Sample Writing: Global Environmental Damage

The clear need for an emphasis on higher education has propelled our policy makers to take remedial steps to stem the slide of higher education. However, further policy steps can be taken up.

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Sir i have used an editorial type of format in this essay(. The Hindu Lead articles) where a large essay is broken under different sub-headings, while maintaining a regular flow of thoughts.

Casteism and communalism have also taken their roots in the politics. Parties like RJD, SP, BSP have garnered votes on the basis of caste of their leaders. Votes on the basis of religion have also been casted. Issues like Ayodhya have been used for gimmicks like rath yatra. BJP has criticised Congress for being pseudo secular by trying to project other parties as Hindu parties and itself as saviour of the Muslims. Recently, Allahabad high court has banned caste-based rallies, which has been staple of many parties. It remains to be seen the effect of such rallies.

The main intent of reservation policy was to assure empowerment of Dalit 8767 s, but the benefits of reservation policy have not fully reached the Dalit 8767 s because of the poor quality of implementation. Also the private sector that attracts 95% of the job market doesn 8767 t implement reservation in recruitment. As a part of constitutional obligation the reservation strategy was restricted only to public sector. If properly addressed and implemented the reservation policy in education can be a effective tool for the empowerment of Dalit 8767 s.

Co-education has its own advantage in colleges. Since the college students have matured minds co-education will not in any way interfere with their learning efforts. They know their responsibilities. To them the opposite sex is not any more just an object of attraction. On the other hand it will provide them with better opportunities to understand life. Further, the presence of other sex always acts as an incentive. It creates in the students a healthy rivalry to surpass the other. We find women in almost all spheres. Co-education will go a long way to help the weaker sex gain self confidence.

Respected sir ,
sir mera nam neeru tomar hai ar mai chandni chock (hauz qazi ) dl.-6 me rhti hoon. Sir apne jo swachh abhiyan ki niv dali hai wo hai to bhot achi lekin wo hmare area me nhi lagu hui.
yha pr kbhi safai shi trh se nhi hoti jgh jgh toilet ki smell aati hai jo log yha riksha wale thele wale etc rhte hai wo khi b nhate rhte hai koi b dhyan nhi deta.
Light sarak kuch b shi nhi.
sir apne jaise gujrat ko chmkaya hai waise hi apni delhi (capital of india) ko b dekhne ka sapna hai
Thank you

But there is a feeling among people that democracy has become too much rule bound, Institutions and procedures have become end in themselves rather than being a means to achieve public welfare. Minorities feel that democracy, being a rule of majority, has sidelined their aspirations and needs. Their voice is governance is minimal. Further, modern democracies have evolved into a kind of elite rule.

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