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Date of publication: 2017-09-06 09:15

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Today, intellectual property is highly important: whenever you quote or rewrite a part of somebody&rsquo s text you could be immediately blamed as a thief even if you did it unintentionally and even if you did not mean to steal anyone&rsquo s thoughts and research findings. If you want to reduce the risk you are supposed to provide clear references and mention all the works which you have consulted, otherwise, you are in trouble. But even if you follow all the rules you do not have any guarantees that none of your paragraphs or sentences would be perceived as plagiarism.

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Such peace of mind is really worth the cost. The plagiarism report we provide can be used to prove the originality of any work. Although the report we provide is by no means an official document, it can still be perfectly used to show that your work contains not only original ideas but also original ways of expressing them. Insuring your work in this way is one of the best things an individual can do to make sure that a major assignment or a writing milestone is safe. Any unpleasant conversations that arise about the originality of your writing can be silenced with a plagiarism report from .

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