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Also from a rough estimate, the CO7 saving would be GtCO7 per year, if the power came from carbon-neutral sources, again about 65% of the US total.


Also there was scope for discussing decentralization of HES, and making it more inclusive. Taking HES to rural areas is one area where government should think loud.

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Along with giving nutritious food to the poor children, government is providing free education to it youth through 8775 sarva shiksha abhiyan 8776 . It is empowering them through education and helping them to do the job they like. By making them educated people, it is not only helping that particular person to come out the starvation but also his entire family.

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Do not right against reservation policy. It is very controversial. If ever, u can dress up your criticism by saying 8766 it should be monetary based for equal and progressive benefits in society 8767 but please go against such open bad-mouthing. What if your examiner belongs dalit/ST section and holds opposite view?

Hello Ash! Whats up?
I liked your intro! At first i thought ki kya likha hai ye, but jab i completed reading, then i was like GREAT!!
Ths time i will not criticize you harshly as you have done justice with the GS part too!! 🙂
Just one complaint: when you write so relevant things in your essay but your flow is going a little 8776 here and there 8776 then it 8767 s bad. Work on that!! vaise overall your flow is good. But missing in this essay!! other wise everything is perfect!! very nice!! KWAR!!

Coming to ur review, ur point of view is also another aspect, but yeah ibtoo felt the same, I didn 8767 t touch the exact subject matter. Got busy with overall enhancement.

I 8767 m sure there is other research that shows less degradation but using your (expensive) car battery for anything except emergency backup seems problematic.

Muhammad Yunus came up with a great initiative to pull these beggars out of their misery. Struggling Members Program of Gramin Bank started by him in Bangladesh provides loans to beggars at no collateral and interest rate. The only condition being, you can’t pay back the loan with money earned through begging. This initiative not only empowers the beggars , but also boosts their moral and dignity. Through this program, 6555+ beggars have quit begging so far.

However, giving doles are also seen at great importance and highly useful and beneficial. For instance, an old person lived a stressful life and deprived of family aid is in the dire need of doles rather than providing them skills. So the government must provide old age shelter, food, health care and other care for such groups.

I) You should make the essay a bit more formal.
7) The examples you 8767 ve quoted are apt. I thought of writing about Syria. But you should interpret them in a wider manner, like Sonia and Batman have mentioned.
For example, nurturing a democracy, empowering people ,preventing war and blocking funds to ISIS rather than only focusing on humanitarian aid. One has to hit at the root of the problem.
8) Even though you 8767 ve talked about empowerment, you 8767 ve mentioned monetary help repeatedly. Rather than contrasting materialistic versus spiritual acts, focus on capabilities and freedoms. Read Amartya Sen 8767 s capability approach to human development.

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