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Then on Easter Sunday, April 66, 7556 he was great miracle of my baby brother Matthew! I was so happy and could not wait to see him. He was six weeks early, so he had to stay in the . for two weeks. He was born without any big health problems. I know that all our prayers helped Matthew to be alive and healthy.

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The more I read about Down syndrome (once we had access to Internet and modern books) the more hopeful I became about Lauren's future. And then we started signing with her. We were amazed at how fast she learned things (you know, because she was 'incapable' of learning). She has a very bright and successful future ahead of her, and we are so very proud of our baby.

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In this summer's production of Splash Kingdom I played the a soldier and did sign language to a special song. In The Story of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz, I play Ezekiel. We have performed this play several times throughout or region. My picture was on a billboard for a magazine advertisement, and I am soon going to be in a fashion show for Goodwill Industries.

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I think her favorite part of the night was getting to dance with the prom king, and all of the other students were cheering and hovering around her for the rest of the night. Little did we know, until the end of the night, that the vote was unanimous by every student in the high school. I'm so proud of my sister to be named prom queen. But I'm even more proud of the fact that she won because she impacted that many people through her five years in high school.

My name is Patrick and I go to St. Pete-Marian High School. I went to jr. high school there too. I love it there. I feel part of everything at school. My favorite part are the dances, I went to the Winter Ball this year! All my friends went and I met new friends too. I danced all night. The kids in my classes are smart and fun. We work hard but laugh a lot. The teachers are nice too and they all help the kids.

Simon being born was the single-most biggest influence in Peighton's life. As Simon got older, Peighton and Simon grew close. She mimicked everything he did. The way he talked, his interests, the way he dressed and his sense of humor. To this day, when Simon cracks a joke or makes funny faces Peighton lights up and laughs for days. Their bond is special. Peighton doesn't know she's handicapped, and Simon does not treat her as such. Simon does not see Peighton as a burden, but as his big sister who just needs a little help every now and then. Simon is always looking out for Peighton, even when he is upset with her, and Peighton never stops looking out for Simon.

I used to be very impatient. My life was tied up in deadlines and competitions. Now, because I watched Luke create his own timeline, defying the odds by finally walking at the age of 5, and struggling to communicate via an elaborate pictorial system at the age of 6, I came to understand the beauty of taking things in slow motion.

Peter has been acting since he was eight years old in a local theatre company called Special Gifts theatre. He has played many different roles such as Winthrop in the "Music Man" and the Prince in "Cinderella." Last year he played the lead role in a short film called "By Any Other Name," Directed by Dave Midell of Play On Productions. This short film was recently featured at the Sprout film Festival in New York.

Thank you Ashley, for teaching me so much about life, love, and learning. I believe people are brought into our lives for a reason, and I have been blessed to have you, Mom, and Kathy in my life. I am truly a better person for having known you these past three years. I look forward to watching you succeed in high school and after! Ashley not only has more to give than many people, the world has more to receive because students like Ashley are here!

My Son Braedan, was born with Down syndrome 9 years ago. We werent aware he had Down syndrome until after birth, which meant we had no way to prepare. So we just rolled with punches. Despite having several complications after birth including: meconium aspiration, RSV, and open heart surgery to repair his VSD- which is a hole in the membrane of the heart- he made it through all of those life threatening ordeals because I believe he is a sweet, loving, determined litle boy who was sent to me and our family from the Great Lord above to teach us how to over come life's struggles through love and determination to make it.

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