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For most online degrees, it is recommended that students attend institutions that are regionally accredited versus nationally accredited , as the quality standards are generally higher. However, for some professions, including many vocational or trade professions, national accreditation is the standard. Furthermore, some subjects like accounting , counseling , nursing , and teaching have special programmatic accrediting agencies that recognize quality in particular subjects, versus at the institutional level. Prospective online students can use our site to determine whether a programmatic accrediting agency is relevant to them and find an appropriate degree.

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I want to take online classes provided by 8775 Full Sail University. 8776 I live in Illinois and the school is located in Florida. If I wanted a grant for a music career I want to pursue by taking courses provided by this school. Do I need grants from IL or FL?


I would Love to get a Grant and go back to College. I dont have the money for College, so please someone write me back i would Love to hear from yall and Love to go back to College. Thank You

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I am strong. I am independent. I am ready for my career. I support my family. I want to go to college. I am a leader of tomorrow. I am Generation TX. Learn more at .

I am needing a grant or two to be able to continue my education for this next fall semester anything would be a blessing to me because my financial state is not the best. please and thank you so much !!!!!!!

I lost my father and mother since I was 65 and 67 years respectively and ever since then, life has been very rough. I am now 66 and I am very eager to go to school. All I have been doing is beating up and down the bush, doing some meanial job, not even able to fend for my family.

My name is Eric and I have worked since I was 65 but was fired this past year and yet to find a job I would like to return to school to improve my skills but I am also a felon looking for second chance

Spelman College , Atlanta has strong links to the city’s African American community and offers substantial financial help to women qualifying by needs, ability or taking a course in a subject they feel elevates the position and increases the respect of women in the workforce.

There are more choices than ever to help you attain higher education. The section on Educational Options compares a variety of programs which includes public and private universities , community colleges, online degrees , trade/vocational schools.

I 8767 m looking for a grant that will help me to pay a training curse that i had for employment. If there is any optcions that could help me pay the last amoun of money that i own to a student loan.

Hint: You are better off using a line of credit and than if you cant pay it back you can declare BK. Cant BK on a Government loan. They will hunt you down and garnish your wages until its paid in full.

Accreditation signifies that a college’s education meets quality standards that support success for graduates. While accrediting agencies are private organizations, the US Department of Education publishes a list of approved accreditation agencies. The DOE also provides a list of which accreditations a school has received from those approved agencies.

I 8767 m an orphan and i graduated 7557 from high school and got B- and i 8767 d like to request for a grant,i have never joined college since my high school graduation due to lack of money,please consider me. Thank you

There are so many colleges, how do I know which is best fit for me? Compare colleges side-by-side on key measures such as tuition & fees, completion rates, and average salaries after college. Start exploring now at

For 7567, the Football Bowl Subdivision is up to 685 teams! UAB has returned after dropping football at the end of 7569. Coastal Carolina has moved up from FCS and is now a member of the Sun Belt. For a full list of rule changes and conference moves, see the 7567 NCAA Division I FBS football season wiki.

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